About Dorset Campbell-Ross

Dorset Campbell-Ross (U.K./Australia) has been a counselor, lecturer and seminar leader since 1992, specialising in communication and relationship skills. A Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), a rebirther, a NLP Master Practitioner and a Hypnotherapist, he has conducted business and personal relationship trainings in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. He has mediated between groups of people in conflict in Ireland, Indonesia and Australia 

Earlier in his life he worked internationally for 18 years as a musician, and also created and sold a successful trading company importing from Indonesia.

Dorset was introduced to Nonviolent Communication by its creator, Dr Marshall Rosenberg, at a Mediation training in London in 1999. He performed his first paid mediation for the Irish government in 2002, resolving a dispute between 40 African refugees and 25 local Irish volunteers. Flushed with success, he decided to deepen his knowledge of Nonviolent Communication. He flew directly to Switzerland to continue studying at a NVC intensive training with Dr Rosenberg.

On his way back to Australia in 2002, he was invited by the hospital staff to be the Crisis Centre manager at the Sangla Hospital, immediately following the Bali bomb. This experience affected him deeply, and inspired his desire to became a peace activist through teaching and living Nonviolent Communication. Since then he has offered NVC pro bono in Aceh, Djakarta, Bali and West Papua. He continues to teach regularly in Indonesia.

 Living in Byron Bay, Australia, he has now trained more than 5000 people in NVC, established ongoing practice groups, and has a private practice mediating and coaching individuals, couples and families in NVC, both in person and online. From 2010 to 2014, he taught a repeating eight-month training in advanced NVC at his home with two other CNVC trainers. This included 5-day residential trainings held every four months.

In 2013 he was invited by CNVC to be one of the four trainers at the first ever 9-day International Intensive Training in Kenya, Africa. 47 African peace activists, teachers, leaders and policemen, from all over Africa, gathered to experience a deep immersion in NVC. He was both inspired and encouraged by the engagement of the participants. Since then he has also facilitated these 9-day trainings in Korea, Germany, and three in Bali.

Dorset creates a safe and supportive learning environment at his trainings. Using audio visual aids, empathy, puppets, singing songs and playing guitar, his trainings are engaging, entertaining, humorous, interactive, and above all, experiential.

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