Advanced Training

Advanced Training in Nonviolent Communication
facilitated by Dorset Campbell-Ross, CNVC Certified Trainer

An NVC Foundation Training or training in Rogerian client centred counselling or similar is recommended preparation for these Advanced Trainings.

Deep Empathy Healing
This workshop will be of particular interest to counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses and those in the healing professions who want create the quality of connection with others that allows natural healing to take place in their presence.

In this transformational experiential training you will:
• Learn the fine details and distinctions in giving empathy with particular attention to PRESENCE and the INTENTION TO CONNECT.
• Receive individual coaching in giving deep empathy with real examples and/or case studies taken from the participants lives/practices
• Learn from a demonstration of deep empathy healing, and see how this kind of empathy can heal wounds from the past that still effect our daily lives today.
• Experience giving and receiving deep empathy

Deepening Relationships
Having facilitated week-long residential workshops on Intimate Relationships at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) for seven years, I am very excited to present once again my favourite subject – and this time with the focus on using NVC in our intimate relationships to bring peace, compassion, connection and choice.

In this transformational experiential training we will address the individual needs of the participants.

Topics we may cover, (depending on the needs), include how to:
• Connect with Honesty and Transparency –
• the essential priority for lasting intimate relationships.
• Take your Time – the time needed for connection –
• in spite of all the other things requiring our attention.
• Clarify our definition of Love –
• is it a feeling, a universal human need, or something else?
• Clarify promising to love someone forever. Fact or fantasy?
• Commitment versus freedom. Can we meet our needs for both?
• Break free from the prison of codependency and dependency –
• and move to the freedom of interdependence.
• Getting clear about Sex. Is sex a need, a strategy, or something else?
• Communicating about and/or during, sex.
• Clarify setting boundaries. Are they strategies requested to meet needs,
• or demands that engender resistance?
• Transform anger so everyone wins.
• Respond consciously rather than react habitually in the heat of the moment.
• Choose “Power With” versus “Power Over”.
• Learn why Cooperation meets our needs for intimacy and connection
• better than Competition.
• Translate non-verbal actions and “No” into needs.

Parenting From Your Heart
This workshop offers the tools to move from judging our children as good or bad, and demanding they do what we want them to do, – engendering resentment and rebellion, – to relating to them as fellow people, with the same feelings and universal needs that we all have.
Connecting with their feelings and needs, expressing our own honestly without blame, and being willing to find strategies that meet everyone’s needs, encourages mutual respect and understanding.
Participants are invited to become conscious of the joy they experience when helping to meet the needs of others. Modelling this for our children encourages them to connect with that same joy. Our intention is the creation of a family team that loves supporting each other.

In this transformational experiential training we will address the individual needs of the participants. You will learn how to:

• Reduce family conflicts and sibling rivalry.
• Move beyond power struggles to cooperation and trust.
• Create a quality of connection that embodies unconditional love.
• Protect and nurture the autonomy of children.
• Motivate using ‘power-with’ rather than ‘power-over’ strategies.
• Express yourself so you’re heard and respected.
• Successfully handle disagreements or problem behaviours.
• Motivate your kids to willingly contribute.
• Set clear limits without using demands or coercion.
• Empower your kids to open up, cooperate and realise their full potential.
• Create outstanding, lifelong relationships with your kids.

Anger and Empathy
Use NVC to both express and receive anger.
Use anger as a short-cut to connect with our needs.
Learn to express anger in a way that does not make others wrong, and that maintains connection.
Receiving Anger Practice( RAP). 
Learn how to self empathise in the moment, and respond to anger mindfully, in a way that maintains connection.

Learn how to:
1. Listen with empathy and translate to create connection.
2. Help others to reflect back what they have heard
3. Interrupt respectfully
4. Give Emergency First Aid Empathy when needed.
5. Give yourself self empathy and express yourself honestly
6. Track everything that is going on.

Healing – Returning to Love through Empathy and Gratitude
Together we will learn to use Marshall Rosenberg’s “Dissolving Enemy Images” process, which we can apply to heal conflicts within ourselves and with our different parts, or with others, including groups, governments and institutions.
We will also explore the gifts hidden in uncomfortable experiences.
We will discover that when we receive these gifts, we feel grateful, and mysteriously, the need for forgiveness disappears when we no longer judge others as having done anything wrong.

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