FT Overview

Overview of Course Content : NVC Foundation Training

• Introduction – Our Intentions for Being Here
Universal human needs, values, longings and yearnings.

• What is NVC?
A state of consciousness that holds everyone’s needs as beautiful and precious.

• Looking at the Language We Use
The kind of communication we don’t enjoy, versus the kind we do.

• The Key to NVC – Overview

• Two Frames of Consciousness –  The Intention to Connect and The Power of Presence: Attention on the Present.

• Three Modes
– Expressing Ourselves Honestly
– Connecting with Ourselves (Self Empathy)
– Receiving Others (Giving Empathy)

• Four Ingredients – Observation, Feelings, Needs, Requests

• Putting it all together – The NVC Dance Floor

• Four Ways to Hear a Message – Giraffe & Jackal Ears

• NVC in Relationships – Making Life More Wonderful

• NVC Practice at Home

• Next Steps – Where to From Here?

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