NVC Dance Floors

The distribution of NVC Dance Floors is currently undergoing a change. If you wish to order, please contact admin@nvcdancefloors.com.

For guidance on which Dance Floors are best for you, please see below:


The Dance  Floors are a method of learning, practising and teaching NVC that respects and integrates a variety of learning styles. They are spatial maps made up  of large, colored cards placed on the floor in layouts called  ‘dances.’ People practicing NVC walk through the steps  of a ‘dance’, often with coaching from a trainer, or support from people in their practice group. The nine Dance Floors offer opportunities to explore dialogues in role-plays (Stage 1 – 3), and inner  processes (including self-empathy, mediating inner conflicts, and  transforming anger, guilt, shame or depression).

You may want to buy Dance Floor materials if you are:

– learning NVC and have been introduced to Dance Floors at a workshop
– helping others learn NVC at introductory events, practice groups and trainings
– a self-study practice group who have already worked through Lucy Leu’s ‘Companion Workbook’

Buy the LAMINATED ready-printed cards if you:

– enjoy receiving a beautifully presented, finished product
– want the ease and support of ready-made materials
– only want a few copies (you may find it more expensive to make sets from pdfs)
– want a durable product that can be used again and again and still look good

Buy the PDF’s (files to open with Acrobat) if you :-

– want to make multiple copies to use in your trainings or with your practice group
– are prepared to gather all the coloured card needed and match our colour codes

– are willing to print and collate the cards yourself
- will laminate them yourself if you need durable cards

– are willing to cooperate with our requests and not make copies for others

FULL INFORMATION about the Dance Floors is on www.NvcDanceFloors.com

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