Dorset’s NVC workshop was dynamic and interactive and the hours flew by! We left with a new framework for how to express ourselves and were provided a toolbox of language and tricks to help better relate to others and understand their needs.  I now feeling empowered to communicate with more confidence, empathy and authenticity.  I believe everyone could benefit from learning NVC, especially if looking for more joyful, honest and fulfilling relationships. It is a fast track to having a deeper connection with yourself and all fellow humans.
Lara Arnott
March 2023

For a long time in my relationships I was trying so hard to communicate better, I never even imagined I had to improve that, I never saw it as a problem, until I was shown I was indeed blaming, accusing, and assuming bad intentions in the other person. I tried my best. I tried different methods and it was going well, until something was triggering me and then I found myself coming back to the same old patterns. I started to feel incompetent, sad, frustrated and  lonely. It seems nothing that I was learning was working.
Until I signed up for a NVC with Dorset. The principles are so simple, and it takes practice. It’s a new language, and so beautiful, I saw it was possible. I saw hope, it made so much sense in my head and I felt peace in my heart. This was the right way, and I felt determined like my life depends on it I was going to practice this day by day until it becomes a part of my life.
Dorset created a space where I felt safe and my needs were met. I learn we constantly seek for connection. To feel empathy for myself; therefore, I will be able to give that to others. Also to understand other people’s needs, to recognise my patterns, to learn what I don’t want when I’m communicating with someone. 
I got so many positive insights out of the workshop, so much, I wanted to keep learning about it. After the workshop finished, I went to my partner and I immediately started talking with the 4 steps I learned in there and I asked for the very first time ever, what do you need? And would you be willing? I observed in his face the shock and surprised and he confirmed he was actually feeling that and added “I feel grateful, you have never asked me what I need”. I was feeling and I’m still feeling excited talking about it, it makes my heart glow. Thank you, this was a life changing experience for me, it meant so much I want to know more and keep integrating this into my daily life. Again thank you so much!!! It really changed my life for better.
NVC FT Bali 2023

I am delighted to write a positive review for our instructor, Dorset, who taught the NVC course. The course was incredibly informative and insightful, and his approach to teaching the material was engaging and practical. The course was well-structured and covered a wide range of topics related to nonviolent communication, including understanding our feelings, identifying our needs, and making effective requests. He created a safe and supportive environment for learning, which made it easy for me to ask questions and participate in discussions. I loved practicing the exercises with other students.
One of the things I appreciated most about this course was how applicable the material was to my everyday life. Dorset provided many real-world examples of how we can use NVC techniques in our personal and professional relationships. I feel much more equipped to communicate effectively and compassionately with others after taking this course.
This new method and knowledge will be incredibly useful for the mental wellness retreat I’m hosting. The skills I learned will help me to better understand and express my own emotions and needs, hold space, as well as communicate with others in a way that fosters understanding and connection.
Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their communication skills and deepen their understanding of themselves and others. Dorset’s expertise and compassion make this course an exceptional learning experience.
NVC FT Bali 2023

I am absolutely amazed by your insights and knowledge. I am so glad that I found you. You are the best therapist I have ever had.
Lucia Kubesova 2022

I have been receiving mentoring video call sessions from Dorset for nearly 6 months and it has been extremely beneficial. Every call is different but I always receive what I’m needing in that moment. Whether that be guidance, support, inspiration or an empathetic ear to whatever challenges I am facing. His offer to mentor me was unexpected and such a gift, and has helped me maintain a strong connection to my higher purpose and vision of teaching and sharing NVC. Dorset has relayed invaluable information to me about how he began teaching NVC, the workshop formats, challenges of working with groups, pricing strategies, potential markets, NVC products/tools ideas and much more. As I work in my own business as a Healer and Kinesiologist, I share NVC based exercises with clients daily. To be able to share key moments with Dorset and ask for his input and feedback is very helpful. Because it is live learning using recent examples, not saving up one year’s worth of questions and trying to get them answered all at once. On a personal note, I’m always touched by Dorset’s sharing of personal stories and it makes learning so much easier when the teacher is so relatable.

Renee Cusworth

CNVC Certification Candidate, 2020

I have been working on my path to be a certified NVC trainer and have been fortunate to have Dorset as my mentor since November 2019. We have our weekly update call and I find it really useful. During our calls we will share what I have been up to and where I need support from him. I have been offering intensive courses now and Dorset supported me all the way. On our call last time we discussed my course structure and he gave me useful insights on what to prioritise to introduce to my students, especially beginners. I really truly appreciate having a mentor with years and years of experience! He shared his techniques patiently- step by step until I gain clarity and I learned so much.
What I also appreciate from Dorset is just so much love and passion into NVC. I would love to spread NVC to schools in Bali and Dorset also has his heart on it. Plus that he has also been to Bali so many time. In fact, Dorset is the one who brings NVC to Bali and Indonesia. How lucky we are to have him!
These key things: the competence, experience in teaching and passion on NVC makes him such a precious mentor for me . I am so grateful for Dorset’s support, love and guidance in my journey to spread more peace to the world.

Ayu Puspita Dewi

Professional Interpreter and Compassionate Communication Trainer

I have been speaking with Dorset for about 6 years now.
I originally pursued contact with him as I had come across the NVC teachings. I was very taken by the concepts and wanted to pursue them and integrate them into my life.
I’m a very busy rural GP with family and getting to training courses was very difficult. Dorset kindly offered to coach me by videoconference.
Dorset has been a very kind, compassionate and wise coach. With a deep understanding of the human condition and faith in the NVC concepts to help us negotiate the difficulties of life and relationships.
Dorset has gently guided and directed me with and to the NVC principles. As a result my life has been so much more enjoyable. I have been able to negotiate some very tricky workplace conflicts. My ability to care for my patients has been enhanced. My family relationships have been made richer. And most importantly my compassion for and understanding of myself has improved greatly.
Dorset as an NVC coach is kind, compassionate, competent and professional.

Dr John Williams MD

Dear Dorset, Your authenticity and your humanness shone through your delivery of our NVC course. This met my needs for safety, authenticity, trust, and understanding, as you demonstrated how we can all play the roles of teacher, and student, in all our relationships, thus creating openness and respect, as we journeyed through the course material together.
This helped me to feel safe and encouraged me to share more comfortably. Your moments of vulnerability shone as gems of your authentic sharing.
I loved your playfulness throughout the course, sharing song, role-play, and puppet shows with us, inviting laughter and connection within the group.
I feel thankful for the gems of wisdom, and the course material print out, that I will use as a reference into the future as these practices flow into all my relationships.
Thank you so much


NVC FT Eureka

This workshop met my needs for clarity, acceptance, harmony, and contribution.
My experience was quite different as I was outside mostly – and so sometimes my needs didn’t get met because I couldn’t hear and I wasn’t included. When this happened I felt frustrated and upset, as even though I was looking after my little one I did want to feel a part of it. On the whole though, by being included in other sessions, it repaired this feeling.
I did learn how much of a jackal I am, so I need to foster more self compassion!
I am willing to change.
I also have a need for harmony and mutual learning and language within my relationship; and this course has been amazingly helpful as a springboard for that, – so grateful. From here we can step-by-step!
We would possibly like to do some couple counselling with you, if you are available?
 Thank you so much.
 I found your stories inspiring and they helped to bridge gap a gap between me and my partner Gratefully,


NVC FT Eureka

My needs for clarity and understanding were met in a number of ways through use of many different teaching methods, drawing on verbal/kinesthetic/visual and let’s throw in heartfelt (through song and genuine expression of emotions in a public space). This also met my need for meaning – the learnings/teachings and realisations have given me a refreshed understanding of human connection – what leads to it and what causes it to splinter. Connecting authentically with others allows me to express myself, as opposed to what I’ve often done in the past – to suppress my feelings/needs due to perceived feelings/needs of others.
My need for learning was definitely met – I have learned a lot through NVC/about NVC and a lot about myself.
Thank you kindly and deeply for these three days, Dorset.


NVC FT Eureka

My needs were met by role playing and being given tools and alternative ways at viewing my own and others needs/feelings etc.
I am now better able to objectively view the situation, give self empathy, ask for empathy, – in order to connect, in an attempt to resolve breakdown in communication.
Thank you for all the valuable gifts you have shared. Jamie

NVC FT Eureka

This workshop as so supportive in terms of bringing clarity for identifying my feelings and needs, and bringing clarity to my expression of feelings and needs.
The course has also helped to bring on intention of connection to my communication with loved ones (and humans in general) 
And Dorset, Your style and authenticity has modelled a real possibility for changing the way I relate to and communicate with others.
 I’m truly grateful for this experience. Thank you Dorset


NVC FT Eureka

I found this course was good as I found how much my conditioning and past was, and is, impacting my present and my future. I think it is difficult to undo my reactions and implement this learning in such a short time, but it is very worth it to start think about these tools 0f NVC an to actively try and use them in my personal life.

Brendan Keane

NVC FT Eureka

My need for having more authenticity in my life was met in this course.
- Learning the difference between feelings and thoughts is a game changer for me, and, I feel,
the foundation for creating authentic interactions.
- I feel the 4 steps help peel away unnecessary and unhelpful elements of blame and judgement t
help me authentically relate to people round me.
- This has inspired me and gives me hope that my relationships can improve.
The training was extremely helpful. I feel more curious as opposed to defensive when hearing something difficult. My relationship to my husband and children has improved as I now pause when triggered and get in touch with my own feeling in needs rather than react. I can now consciously respond more consistently. Thank you Dorset for teaching me the above!


NVC FT Eureka

Dorset used personal experience as examples to help explain, use humour, use music and modelled the framework in NVC style in all interactions. This all helped me learn and consolidate NVC. Dorset showed compassion, empathy, was inclusive and had clear boundaries. He did not point out anyone to speak, rather he waited for volunteers to come forward for teaching scenarios. All of which contributed to a very safe space. Thank you Dorset.
Sarah Craig
NVC FT Dec 2020

I found this course mind-blowing. It has taught me so much. I never understood why I have been unable to create peace and connection. I was trying so hard. This course has taught me that I was just triggering the other without realising it.  I love how fun and engaging the course was. Dorset was so funny and made this course such a pleasure.
 Dorset certainly was the highlight of this course. I could not imagine this course with another. Dorset has been so warm and caring. I honestly felt his compassion and empathy. Dorset’s open honesty and funny nature made this course. I feel so empowered and hopeful to take this into my life and create connection wherever I go. Thank you with all my heart and soul
Janine Grant
NVC FT Dec 2020

The course was very helpful.  I enjoyed the way the process strips away a lot of the story we go into and focuses on the heart of the interaction. Meeting the needs of my partner was so much easier when that mess was removed. I loved the practice sessions. Sometimes it felt like we went down a rabbit hole and repeated things that were previously established, but that is probably the nature of in-house courses. The vulnerability Dorset showed and his strength in that vulnerability was powerful to witness. I was blown away by the way he allowed that feeling to exist in him in such a natural way. It was beautiful. So taking real experiences from his own life that still had power was a stroke of genius. It gave me courage as well. Anxious at first, but Dorset helped us integrate in a gentle way with the pairing up and sharing. Thank you.
Jessie Watson
NVC FT Dec 2020

I can honestly say this course has been life changing. These foundational skills will be a game changer for me especially in my personal relationships. The delivery style and practical exercises were a powerful contribution. I was particularly grateful for you sharing your own personal experiences in such an open and vulnerable way. It really helped and context, which I found very valuable. Very comfortable and connected at this training, by creating a safe, encouraging and loving space.
Leo Bellis-Jones
NVC FT Dec 2020

I found it helpful to realise that my feelings are caused by unmet and met needs, not pathologies. Learning to identify more complex feelings and needs, and make requests for my needs to be met, has been challenging but healing. I feel more capable of being vulnerable and sharing my truth. I found that my questions and concerns were answered and attended to effectively. The first class was a bit confusing as I wasn’t familiar with the material when we were jumping back and forth between different concepts. I mostly felt comfortable and connected, I tend to feel anxious when speaking in front of a group or during the practices while being observed. I’m happy that I pushed through the discomfort of this to receive the benefits of the exercises.
Taryn Clarke
NVC FT Dec 2020

This training helped me identify my needs and feelings in different situations,  gave me tools to handle conflicts and  gave me confidence to speak up for myself. I feel equipped to handle anything! I feel empowered. Dorset was very open and approachable in his teaching style. The materials were presented in a good way – using the time to cover theory and practical exercises. There was lots of time for practical exercises which was the most useful part (to practice what we had learned). Felt very comfortable and connected at the training days. Everyone was very open and respectable full and inquisitive. The facilitator contributed by being very open, honest, knowledgeable, and openly sharing his experiences and feelings.  Thank you Dorset.
Caitlin Weatherstone
NVC FT Dec 2020

This NVC training helped me to establish a clearer understanding into knowing my own needs and feelings and gave me tools to communicate them in an effective way. I also gained a lot from the role-plays and practical activities as this style of learning really resonates with me. The only improvement would be for me is more structured homework to help me practice in between sessions. Dorset has a relaxed, quirky, fun style of communicating that I love! It helps me feel relaxed, engaged, and inspired. The vulnerability shown in examples also inspired me and helped me to bring down some of my own personal boundaries around being vulnerable. The space feel very safe for me after just a few hours. I believe Dorset’s own vulnerability and courage really helped set that tone. I appreciate you immensely, Dorset!
Sarah Sackville
NVC FT Dec 2020

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